About me

I’m Andrea, I always been passionate about drawing, since I was a child I was constantly creating something new, it was my way to communicate. In April 2020 I discovered this new passion of mine ,since then tattooing for me became the perfect way to express my creativity and emotions, and share them with other people. 

The style that represents me the most is fine line and dot-work, delicate and elegant. I mostly do black and white, but I do like to challenge my self with colours too! In my designs you can always find elements from nature, like leaves or flowers and  girl’s faces, I also love to do mandalas and geometric. My goal as an artist is to create a unique design for the customer and bring it to life together.

My other style is illustrative Blackwork where I like to reproduce the effect of a feather pen into tattoo. I like to prepare my designs by hand if possible to keep the effect as real as possible.

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