Welcome to Underground Piercings, where our experienced team, with over 20 years of expertise, is dedicated to providing top-notch body piercing services at competitive prices.

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Walk In Between 10 AM To 6:20 PM OR Book An Appointment Here

At our Enfield Studio, please be aware that certain piercings are restricted to individuals aged 18 and above. These 18+ piercings include Tongue Piercings, Nipple Piercings, and Dermals.
A: You must be 16 with a valid ID. If you are over 12, you may come with a parent.

A: Please see above for our up-to-date price list.

A: Treat the piercing bump with warm water & tea tree oil (5 drops to a shot glass of warm water). Explore our no-pull piercing disks, small clear discs that can be added to the bar to help reduce the bump.
A: No, for safety reasons, we cannot use non-provided jewelry. We can order the jewelry you want, with a quick 1-day delivery, or choose from our in-store collection.
A: No appointment needed for piercings; we have two piercers available every day. For tattoos, appointments are necessary, with occasional walk-ins based on availability—check social media for updates.
A: No, we do not pierce anyone under the age of 12.
A: Yes, we have two private piercing rooms to ensure your comfort and privacy.
A: Yes, we have both female and male piercers available to accommodate your preference.
A: Swelling is normal initially. Continue cleaning with a piercing solution. If there’s persistent swelling with pus, visit us for consultation.
A: Some bleeding may occur, especially on the first day. Let the ear scab around the piercing and heal naturally. Avoid removing the scab and clean around it.
A: You might be allergic to Titanium or the aftercare solution. Visit the studio for assistance, and we can explore alternative options like Bio flex or a solution change.

A: Explore curated ears by clicking here to learn more about this personalized piercing trend.

A: We do not accept card payments but we do allow bank transfer, if cash is not available.

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