Aftercare Guidance

For most piercings including navel, nipple and surface piercings, ears, facial and dermal piercings the best products to use is Saline Solution/tock salt & boiled water. These can be purchased from any pharmacy or chemist or supermarkets & convenience shops.

  • Ensure you have cleaned your hands using antibacterial soap before cleaning any piercing
  • Use Solution directly onto a cotton bud and clean gently but thoroughly around the area of the piercing

Navel, Nipple, Surface & Micro-Dermal Piercings

Tongue, Tongue Web, Smiley & Lip Piercings

  • Avoid baths and stick to showers for the first couple of weeks, allowing the hot water to rinse carefully over the piercing
  • Wear loose clothing to avoid any irritation of the piercing
  • Avoid swimming and exercise for the first two weeks, clean piercing after either of these activities
  • If any products such as moisturiser, shower soaps & gels or fake tan are used, carefully avoid the area of the piercing and clean it straight after use
  • Dermal piercings must be covered by a plaster for at least two weeks, change this once/twice a day and clean the piercing each time


For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guides:

Micro-dermal Piercings 

Nipple, Navel, Surface Piercings 

  • The most essential product to use to clean these piercings is Alcohol Free Listerine mouthwash. Rinse your mouth with this 2 to 3 times a day
  • Avoid smoking as this will prolong the healing process of your piercing. If you do smoke then you must rinse your mouth after every third cigarette
  • Try to keep your tongue relaxed (for tongue & tongue web piercing) do not play with it in your mouth or stick it in and out to show people, as this will encourage swelling
  • Ibuprofen & Nurofen are advisable as they are anti-inflammatory and will help with pain and swelling
  • Try to eat as best as you can, you will find it uncomfortable but take eating slowly and carefully

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guide:

Oral Piercings

Ear and Facial Piercings

  • Avoid using any products such as hair spray/hair dye/make-up/moisturiser directly onto any piercing. If you use anything, clean the area immediately with Saline solution.
  • Do not touch or play with your piercing

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guide:

Ear and Facial Piercings

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