Aftercare Guidance

When it comes to caring for your piercings, using the right products is crucial for a quick and healthy healing process. One of the most recommended solutions for various piercings, including navel, nipple, ear, facial, and dermal piercings, is saline solution. This solution, also known as sea salt and boiled water mixture, can be easily obtained from pharmacies, chemists, supermarkets, and convenience shops.

  1. Prepare the Saline Solution: Purchase saline solution or create your own mixture using sea salt and boiled water. Ensure that the solution is well-mixed and clean.
  1. Clean Hands: Wash your hands with antibacterial soap to prevent introducing bacteria during the cleaning process.
  1. Apply Solution with Cotton Bud: Use a cotton bud to apply the saline solution directly to the piercing area. Gently clean around the piercing, ensuring thorough coverage.
  1. Gentle Yet Thorough Cleaning: Be gentle during the cleaning process to avoid irritation, but make sure to clean the entire area around the piercing.

Essential Aftercare Tips for Navel, Nipple, Surface, and Micro-Dermal Piercings

Proper aftercare is crucial for the successful healing of specific piercings like navel, nipple, surface, and micro-dermal. Follow these essential tips to ensure a smooth recovery process:

  1. Showering Over Baths: Opt for showers over baths during the initial weeks. Allow hot water to carefully rinse over the piercing, promoting cleanliness without the risk of stagnant water.
  2. Loose Clothing for Comfort: Wear loose clothing to prevent irritation to the piercing. This helps in providing a comfortable environment for healing without unnecessary friction.
  3. Avoid Swimming and Exercise Initially: Refrain from swimming and exercise for the first two weeks. After engaging in these activities, promptly clean the piercing to minimize the risk of infection.
  4. Caution with Products: If using products such as moisturizers, shower soaps, gels, or fake tan, be mindful to avoid the piercing area. Clean the piercing immediately after product use to maintain cleanliness.
  5. Dermal Piercing Specifics: For dermal piercings, cover the area with a plaster for at least two weeks. Change the plaster once or twice a day and clean the piercing thoroughly each time to prevent complications.

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guides.

Effective Aftercare Tips for Tongue, Tongue Web, Smiley, and Lip Piercings

Taking care of oral piercings requires a unique approach. Here’s your guide to nurturing tongue, tongue web, smiley, and lip piercings to minimize discomfort and ensure a smooth healing process:

  1. Alcohol-Free Listerine Mouthwash Magic: The key to cleanliness for these piercings is Alcohol-Free Listerine mouthwash. Rinse your mouth with it 2 to 3 times a day to maintain optimal hygiene.
  2. Say No to Smoking: Smoking can prolong the healing process. If you do smoke, rinse your mouth after every third cigarette to minimize the impact on your piercing.
  3. Relax Your Tongue: For tongue and tongue web piercings, keep your tongue relaxed. Avoid playing with it or sticking it in and out excessively, as this can encourage swelling and hinder the healing process.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Aid: Combat pain and swelling with the help of Ibuprofen or Nurofen, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These can be beneficial in easing discomfort during the initial stages.
  5. Mindful Eating: Eating may be uncomfortable initially, but take it slow and be careful. Opt for softer foods and chew carefully to avoid unnecessary strain on the piercing.                                                                                   

For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guides.

Ear and Facial Piercing Aftercare

Ensuring the health of your ear and facial piercings involves a delicate touch. Here’s your guide to essential care practices:

  1. Product Caution: Refrain from using products like hair spray, hair dye, makeup, or moisturizer directly on your piercing. If any of these come in contact, promptly clean the area with a gentle saline solution to maintain cleanliness.
  2. Gentle Handling: Resist the urge to touch or play with your piercing. This can introduce bacteria and hinder the healing process. Keep hands off and allow the piercing to heal undisturbed.

Additional Tips for Ear and Facial Piercing Care:

  1. Saline Solution Savvy: Keep a saline solution handy for immediate cleaning. If any unintended contact with products occurs, use the solution to ensure a clean and hygienic environment around the piercing.
  2. Mindful Hair Care: When caring for your hair, be mindful of your piercings. Adjust your routine to prevent any products from coming into direct contact with the pierced area.
  3. Avoiding Makeup Mishaps: While applying makeup, steer clear of the piercing site. If makeup accidentally touches the piercing, promptly clean it with a saline solution to prevent complications.
  4. Consistency is Key: Establish a routine for cleaning and care to ensure the ongoing health and cleanliness of your ear and facial piercings.


For specific guidance please refer to the below aftercare guide.

Further Information

Here are additional tips to enhance your experience and ensure optimal healing:

  1. Initial Bar Length Wisdom: Most piercings are initially adorned with a longer bar to accommodate swelling during the healing process. It’s likely you’ll be advised to return for a bar change after a specific duration to a smaller, more comfortable size.
  1. The Comfort Upgrade: Changing to a smaller bar isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a comfort upgrade! Smaller bars are generally more comfortable and aid in the final stages of your piercing’s healing. Get in touch to discuss as we will happily do this at your convenience.
  1. Healing Diversity Reminder: Every individual/piercing heals differently. Consistency in aftercare is crucial, and patience is key throughout the healing process. Allow your body the time it needs to achieve a successful and comfortable healing outcome.

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